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Wife and I went jetty fishing with our lites Sunday night. Brought home 10 nice and fat trout. Landed MANY 15 inchers. Talk about fast changing conditions, we left at 3:00 AM and by Monday around 4...surf was 5 ft. Nice ground swells from across the Gulf from that storm. My wife uses live shrimp waayy more than I do. She hooked up on EVERY cast. I hooked up on almost all of my favorite lures, from soft plastics...red/whit tails....green/orange tails.....pumpkinseed/chart. tails....silver spoon....and a few broken backs. Left the trout biten' at 3AM. We watched two trout swim along the rocks towards the beach obviuosly on a mission. These fish we both agreed were at the LEAST, the length of my right arm !!!!!!!!!!!!! They didn't even stop and look at nutten !!!!!!!!! really hughe trout. We brought home 17 - 20 inchers.
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