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Surf's up guys!! Holy moly, surfers were out in full force. Got some pics below, but they show kind of a 1 dimensional view of the waves, they were bigger then they look, trust me. What a difference a couple days make. Going from flat, calm - smooth as glass, to Hawaii 5-0 style breakers. Anyway, on to the report.

Left work at 4pm and decided to walk the jetties with a rod and reel and soft shoulder strap tackle box with some of my favorite lures. As I pulled into the jetty park, the parking lot was FULL. I thought, DAYUMMMM, the jetties must be packed! Got onto the jetties and looked down towards the end.....there were quite a few people, but there were twice as many surfers out in the water, which explained all the cars.

Sooooo, I walked about 1/2 way down to a little clearing between orientals. I had already tied on a silver spoon with a 3ft, 20lb mono leader, so I was ready to fish. I had the wind at my back, so my first cast sailed WAY out there. As the spoon slapped the water on entry, a guy walking up behind me asks..."Catching anything?" BEFORE I could answer, WHAM!, something hit my spoon hard and started running. After a quick struggle, I reeled in a nice 20" spanish mackeral, or as my friend calls them, "mexican specklers" since she can't ever remember their real name, LMAO! Anyway, as I unhooked the spoon out of his mouth and held him up to get a good look at him, I glance up and see 4 orientals staring down at me. One of them says, "You keep him or I can have?" I sorta chuckled and threw the "mexican speckler" up on the walkway and they ran off with him. (Didn't even have time to get a pic of it dangit).

Anyway, about 5 casts later with my silver spoon I'm hooked up again. This time it's a little guy that didn't put up much of a fight, but fun nonetheless. I threw him back and let him grow up before I got mobbed by my new found friends.

I then decided to walk towards the end of the jetties and met a couple guys walking back in with a little buggy and see a kingfish's tail sticking out of their cooler. They were in no mood to talk about it though, they acted kinda nervous (no fishing license maybe??, I don't know) Walking down the jetties, action was spotty, but a few of the golf shoe wearers were reeling in some marginal sized specks, mixed in with some decent size sand trout. I make it within 50ft from the end and cast out my spoon. First cast was a hookup, but it felt really small. Turns out to be a dang ribbon fish. Every cast after that was one after the other. The ribbonfish didn't go to waste either
. Not sure if they were gonna use 'em for bait, or eat 'em. You never know, and I didn't ask. They even took all of 'em off the hook for me, lol.

Water clarity was patchy green, with the waves stirring things up quite a bit. Nowhere near the clarity it was last week. Saw more big pods of mullet cruising by, with an occasional blow up as something was attacking them. May have been smacks or small kings.

OH! I also saw a HUGE angel fish looking thing cruising next to the jetties. Colored like a drum or sheepshead, but looked like a big aquarium fish, lol. He was hanging out right on the surface, just cruising slowly. It's fins were even out of the water most of the time. That was pretty cool.

Snapped a few pics for a visual report. Even got a pic of the Big E coming back in thru the Jetties on it's way home from it's meat haul.


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