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Last weekend Jack & Valerie told us they would be open this weekend. I'm not sure if anything has changed. The ramp before the bridge that was barricaded off is/was available (someone cut the chain) and the next ones I know of would be Freeport ramps.

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I am also interested in this info... I read on another post that some freeport ramps are open...


standing by..

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Accessible Open Ramps Updated:
Dickinson Bayou County Ramp (SH 3)
Dickinson Bayou @ Highway 146 Bridge
Ben Blackledge Public Ramp (@ Highway 146 in Kemah)
Seabrook @ Highway 146
Morgan's Point Ramp
Roseland Park Ramp
Clear Lake Ramp
League City FM 270 Ramp
Smith Point Ramp
Oak Island County Ramp (on Double Bayou)
Fort Anahuac Park Ramp
Cotton Lake Ramp
Hitchcock Public Ramp
Hall's Bayou Camp
Hall's Bayou Bridge Ramp
Horseshoe Bend Ramp
Under the Bridge Bar Bait Camp
Marlin Marina Ramp
Bastrop Bayou CR 227 Bridge State Ramp
Bastrop Marina Ramp
Oyster Creek Ramp
Freeport Community Center Ramp
Freeport Municipal Park Ramp
Freeport New Brazos River Ramp

New Brazos River Dike Ramp
New Brazos River SH 36 Bridge Ramp
Sylvan Beach
Gou Hole Rd
Moses Lake "Fish Spot"
BC at Sabine
Fat Boy's
Chocolate 2004
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