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Woke up the kiddos early Sunday morning and boy, they shot out of bed like rockets when told we were headed to the beach...

Took a left from the access rd and found a comfortable spot between trucks/waders ~0.5mi down. Surf was flat, pretty green, and bait was quite abundant. I jumped in the water with artificial and had only the occassional bump. Seeing the continued degree of bait around, I went get the cast net and caught some live that we put under stopper and on bottom. NADA. Wife went back with arti and got several more bumps, but nothing made it to the net. There were other fisherman to my right and left and I did see them catch a couple throughout the morning, but nothing that would indicate a pattern. The guy on my right came bring me over his 2 trout after he packed up his camper and was leaving out (THANKS!!). He said he had been there since Friday and the water Sunday morning was the best he had seen all weekend.

In the meantime I had hooked up the kids with baited crab lines and they were all too happy to check them by themselves. It was funny to see them trying to net the free roaming ones...wasn't too productive, but they still kept trying anyway. For this portion of the day, we did manage to catch a few (...6!) keepers and a much larger number of throwbacks that were either too small or blossoming females. They went very well with the shrimp we boiled last night...mmm..

We left about noon:30 with the water even greener than when we arrived, but the kids were starting to slow down a bit and so we headed out. Stopped at the crabbing pier in Surfside, dropped the lines again along with the nets and added 2 more crabs to our chest after ~1hr. Same story, small ones....I did catch a small throwback red that was busting on some shrimp, but no keepers.

All in all it was a really, really good trip despite the lack of fish/crabs in the chest. We kept the kids out long enough to thoroughly enjoy themselves, but no so long where they would start the fussing....Last night while kicking back boiling the goods, the kids let me know they were up for another round today. That request wasn't possible to fufill, but that's a clear indication we may be working on kitchen passes for the whole family.


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