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Took the family down to surfside monday for a day on the beach. Caught two whiting in the first 5 minutes, rigged them up on the jigmaster and the 4/0 and paddled them out about 200 yards. They sat for about 3 hours while I played with the kids and the dog. Around 3pm I get a run on the jigmaster. The fish felt really heavy and was not making much of a run once hooked up. I figured I had about a 100lb ray or something. Finally, get it in to the first bar and finally see a dorsal. She had gotten wrapped up in my other line and was brought in sideways. Took about an hour to get her in and stripped the gears in my jigmaster in the process. My digital camera's battery died early, so I only had the video camera to record the shark with. She measured 5'8" long.

You can find the video here:
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