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Surf Report..

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Went to look because I had nothing better to do , so I went to Surfside, and Quintana. It looked horrible out there and definately unfishable. Wind blowing out of the south 20 mph, and probably gusting 25. Water was very off colored, but if your a surfer, surfs up!!! I decided to go to the Quintana Jetties and try, and lost 1 nice speck on a Gulp shrimp under a popping cork. Man has it changed from last week, I guess I've gotten spoiled, the surf was awesome and the fishing was HOTT!!!!, but not for now. Tight Lines Guys..
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Thanks for the recon, no doubt, it's gonna be a tough day down there.

But i'll still be down in the water tomorrow.
Thank you for the report. I plan on going down there tomorrow. If the surf is too rough can you recommend a good spot nearby in a back bay or protected water?
head to the Jetties, probably Quintana side so the wind will not be in your face. Dont go to the end, but go to the first turn in on left after you go around a bend and pass a house. It'll be a sandy road that take you right in. There are a few trees there that do a good job for some wind break.
Thank you! Provided it is not a complete wash out, we will be down there. I will post my results...
Go get'em Greg. Percentage of rain is there but maybe you'll score.
Pearland Greg said:
Thank you! Provided it is not a complete wash out, we will be down there. I will post my results...
Were ready to leave just before 5:00 when the skies opened up out here. We went inside checked the radar and listened to Captain Wayne then decided not to risk it.

My dad, brother, and sister-in-law all in town from New Orleans were bummed out about not going, but there is no controlling mother nature. I do not know if they were more bummed out about not fishing or each having to pay $22 for a one day non-resident license and not using it (ouch!!!).

Did anyone have a chance to go to Quintana/Bryan beach today? I am curious to see how it was.
Safety & comfort might off-set the cost. Best wishes for another and better day.Capt. Wayne is usually right on.
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