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Got the disease too, eh??

Yea man you posted at the right place, like many others, theres nothing like tossing a slab of stingray out or using some shiny new x rap in the surf and having your rod bow over looking like its about to break. but yea if your just looking on using you trout rod out there, you've got the right idea. stand on the first or second bar and cast into the gut infront of you. and if you wanna get into the surf rods and stuff , probably start off with a couple of penn 320s and a couple of the AR (american rodsmith) 12 footers. and wade out as far as you can and cast out in front. then post up at the beach with some pvc rod holders in the sand and a cooler beside you and enjoy the night.

well im tired of typing, ill let the other fellas fill in the blanks.

PS dont forget to set the clicker at night...:eek:
tight lines bro
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