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Waded the surf this morning at Surfside near the jetties, as well as along Quintana beach. Only one 17" between the four of us on artificials only. The water was stained brown/green on Quintana and sandy/green on surfside with the jetties blocking some of the wind and current. No bait to speak of in the area. Other than the one keeper, had numerous very small throwback specks and sandies and unfortunately, gafftops. Was fairly calm early, but wind picked up slightly as some storms rolled into the area. We finished by 9:30 to go to work. Was good to get out, but would have been better with full stringers. . .

Got geared up by Hookset Gear this morning- box, belt and stringer. Couldn't be happier. Great quality.

Keep trying. The surf will turn on eventually. Kerlunker- that fish you caught is called a gafftop, not a snook. heh.
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