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2 companies told to get moving on waste-pit cleanup-Houston Chronicle 11/24/2009

"McGinnes, which is no longer in business, owned and operated the pits in the 1960s, filling a 20-acre site on dry land with waste from a now-closed paper mill near the Washburn Tunnel.
In the bleaching process, paper mills generated large amounts of dioxins, a family of compounds so toxic that scientists measure them in trillionths of a gram. The EPA says there is no safe level of exposure to the chemicals.
The San Jacinto began to run through the pits by the early 1970s because of subsidence-the sinking of soft soils as water is pumped from underground. With the Mc-Ginnes pits under water, the dioxins spread into the river and worked through the ecosystem, becoming more concentrated at each step."

And for the past twenty years, the powers that be only tested fish in the first 33 square acres of the mouth of the Houston Ship Channel! It was only until recently did the fish consumption ban include a larger area and a specific species. This is why I've been a catch and release fan for so long. I'm no Scientist, but it seems to me when they start kicking this stuff up, they'll be serving-up a great big dioxin milk shake for all the species!

And if you are what you eat...........:brew2:
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