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Sunday Surfside fishing report

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Made it out yesterday w/Alwaysgonefishing, Fishmeister1979, & the MC tackle guru Chad. We ran to Tequila, & joined up w/5 other boats. Nothing to speak much of except 2 nice b-liners, & a bunch of deep breakoffs. Seas were running 1-2, & a 10-15 ne wind. Made it to semi blue water at 60 miles out, & not really a whole lot of debris, except for broken weeds. Hit some shrimpers around Salavadore, & caught a bunch of BIG Bonita's for future state snap bait, & Fishmeister landed a nice Blackie on the troll. Ran home to smooth seas at 20 miles out. Pretty slow fishing, & not a whole lot of debris. Fishmeaister took some pics, so maybe he can download them. Might try it fri. Aloha & tight lines!
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slow fishing is always better than no fishing.

Maybe you get 'em next time.

We are going to try out of Matagorda Friday and Saturday. I can't seem to find my travel trailer in Bolivar. Maybe I was drinking when I left it last time.
We're planning on heading out Friday night/ Saturday as well from Surfside.. not gonna be running fast in our G.B. but we'll meet ya'll out there eventually if you guys go. We'll be on ch 16, good luck
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