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We located a strong trout bite and solid action while working over sand and grass shorelines. The trout were hanging on the bottom due to heavier salinity levels. While paying attention to a few details, we noticed the upper water column to be fresh. Water was in great shape, just fresh. Plenty of nervous baitfish.

Each day the larger trout to 20-inches hit the deeper water between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Early morning bite was slow for us. Norton Margarita bull minnows rigged with 1/8-ounce laser locks heads worked the best.

This is how we located these fish: With the majority of the upper water column being fresh, we used a very slow retrieve (One like flounder fishing) over the hard sand bottom. The trout would slowly pick the lure up, and explode to the water surface like a skip jack.

Photo #1: Ed McCarthur party Day-1, kept 34 trout to 20", and 3 redfish 7-23-04 Guide Chris Martin

Photo #2: Ed McCarthur party Day-2, kept 39 trout to 20" 7-24-04 Guide Chris Martin


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