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stonedawg said:
Just to let everyone know my father went fishing WED. to the north Jetties. On his way home he stopped in Jack in the box in TEXAS CITY for a burger and when he came out all his rods and reels were gone. It sad when the events happen because pathetic people cant buy thier own. He was not in the restaurant for maybe 10min in and out. So if you are in Texas City I recommend someone stay at your vehicel or put your rods inside your vehicle so turds like this cant steal your stuff.
this is something you should watch out for wherever you are, whether it's in texas city, houston, freeport, corpus christie, or anywhere.

also, i doubt they took your stuff because they can't buy their own. they probably took it to sell so they could score some crack.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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