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Hey everyone!
If you missed RodMaker mag issue 12.4 I suggest highly you order (or borrow if you can) that back issue. Within that issue is an article by J.P. Timberlake showing how he make what he calls his "Sticks & Bones" aka SBSS spinning reel seat & grip set.

The SBSS is quite easy to make and very very comfortable as well as providing one the opportunity to add some creative pizazz too.

I've been wanting to give cork checkering a shot and I liked the looks of J.P.'s design so I figured I try both new things together. It was a fun project!
My checkers could be better. I need to buy or make a more precise wedge cutter but I couldn't be happier with the construction.

I used the larger of the 2 sizes of slip rings I found that Pac Bay made and a 20mm skeleton seat instead of the usual 15mm or 16mm a lot of guys use for Ultra Light reel seats because I wanted to keep as much of the original diameter of the cork rings as I could. The more I use larger diameter spinning seats the better I like them! Here is pix.


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