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How many of ya'll are trying to start up your plants? I know I'm not the only one. Lots of dirty flares out there...

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Y'all go slow and keep things safe. Union Pacific opened up the RR tracks here today. I saw tankers using the Houston ship channel while I was on the way to the boat this morning. . Get those plants back working and ship it on down the line.
Got a partial startup going today. You know how night shift is though. We will probably have to restart it again in the morning. :cool:
It depends on operational shift changes, Some will agree w/ our lockouts from yesterday, some won't. I can't stand shift change, but I am a lowly contractor.

Be careful i just left a refining a job and startups usually never go as planned, there is a lot to look out for.
Working nights assisting the start up af a cat cracker. Gotta love it!
Doesnt look like we are staring up until Thursday or Friday. Therefore it has been some VERY boring nights here.
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