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St. Martin - Virgin Island Fishing?

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I know that bluewater fishing for marlin, tuna etc is the thing to do but I don't have the cash to hire a decent capt. I'll be there in September and have a feeling I can catch some snook tarpon etc with texas inshore tackle from the bank. Does anyone have any idea if it is worth taking the rod and reel, what baits to bring, places to fish etc? Thanks.
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Virgin Island Island fishing

I have fished off of St. Johns, and off of Virgin Gorda. It is definitely worth taking a rod if you will have time to fish a little. I generally take a spinning rod with ~12lb test and a 9 wt. fly rod. You can catch small tarpon, bonefish, permit, yellowtail snapper, rainbow runners, and baracuda, to name a few. I usually take a small selection of bucktail jigs and plastics along with a couple of spoons and maybe a few lures like catch 2000's and rattletraps. Take some light wire in case you get into barracuda. If you are interested in bonefish take a selection of 1/8 oz jigheads and curly tail grubs in white, yellow, pink, and maybe brown.
I can't address specifically where to fish on St. Martin, but beaches, rocky shorelines and grassflats will all produce different species. Mostly you have to avoid people as some beachgoers get a little upset when you land a 4 ft barracuda from the waters they just swam in. Some resort owners don't like it much either.
Good luck, and post a report when you get back.
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CC, Nathan went to the Flordia Keys on his honeymoon a few months ago. He and his wife caught Whiting in the surf on cast net and free lined them. They caught 30+ snook off the beach in knee deep water. Saw a guy next to them bring in a big shark and he also jumped a Tarpon. Nathan did say the guy next to them had to tell the swimmers to get out of the way he was bringing in a shark. hahha I wish I could of seen the look on the swimmers. I'm sure you could find somthing to catch.
Yea, I've experienced the cuda in Florida, they will tear your tackle up. Thanks for the advice. I would really like to add bonefish tarpon to my "caught" list. I'm not going until October but I will post a report.
SM Message Board

Go to traveltalkonline.com......you can find guide there.......message boards for various areas including SM.....i like wise spent time in BVI British Islands-Tortola-VG and etc....beautiful area...... Paradise like St Martins..... great OS fishing
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