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Got to the end around 6 pm throwing a Tony A. #7 with SS wire. 2nd cast BAM 22" Spanish Mack. They were off and on till about 7:30. Ended up catching over a limit easy. Schooled the Vietnamese dudes at the end on the art of the spoon. Ya'll shoulda seen them potlickers when I reeled in 3 within 5 minutes. Most of them couldn't hook up and burned off mumbling something. One of them stayed , James, and I loaned him a spoon , man he was stoked, said he'd never caught 'em like that. There was some big busts out there, James claimed they were Kings but I don't know. Would love to hook up on a big king, never have yet. Probably keep going back till I do or they leave. Anybody know how long they'll stay?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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