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SS Access #5 5-24-23

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Stopped on 61st and acquired 24 barking monkeys. Got to SS #5 and in the water by 3:25 pm. Water perfect, waves great, golden bombs good.
At 3:30 pm out of the water due to the only thunder storm in the entire area was overhead and producing lighting. So, under the Jeep hatch back until about 4:10 or so. Storm moved off to the SW over the gulf but was still rumbling and spitting out a bolt of lighting every now and then but I figured it was out of range, so in the water I went.

My set up is a 2/0 or 3/0 Mustad red circle hook depending on the size of the trout crack. They were on the smaller side today so 2/0 it was. I put a small split shot about 6-8" above the hook to get them to the bottom. Not much current today but just enough the small croaker could not get to the bottom.

Anyway, first cast, 30 seconds in, bam, biggest trout of the day at just over 20". I was fishing off of the 2nd bar into the third gut. Next 30 minutes is was on like Donkey Kong. Limited with my 5 trout 17-20", a few sharks, and two good runs that the sea monsters spit the hook.

This was the most aggressive trout bite I have had in some time. No thump, thump, let them swim. It was hammer and swim toward shore.

The sun then came out and the bite immediately turned off. I fished the remaining golden bombs until I ran out at 6pm or so. Had a few hardheads and sharks finish them off with zero trout or trout like hits.

Switched to top water and chunked it in all guts and at all sandbars until 8 pm. Two blow ups and nothing else.

Plenty of bait around but not much water movement. The 4.5 hours I was out there the tide changed very little.

Either the rain made them want to eat or the cloud cover offered some camouflage, but whatever the case, once the sun came out, light switch turned off.
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Thanks for the report! We had same experience this Sunday, got in the water 30 min before dark and caught some trout but once the sun came out bite died, although it was cloudy all day and the sun never truly came out it definitely killed the bite. It’s weird to me because we’re coming off of a new moon with weak tides, and water was perfect.

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Nice report! And with pics too (y)
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Nice work
Ol'e boy at work wacked some nice ones the other afternoon
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