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posted a pic the other day and someone asked how it was made...so ..
this Made 2 big plates

6-Fresh Chicken Tenderlions (thin keeps peppers from burning while cookin)
Fresh Onion
Fresh Mini Sweet Peppers (Red,Yellow,and Orange)
2 Avocados(Riped but not runny)
Tony Chachere's
Crushed Red Pepper
Salad (Of course)

-Rub chicken down with light coat of butter,all over and cover with Tonys and crushed red pepper
-Cut both tips off peppers and slice in thin long strips
-Cut onion slices in thin long strips
-Mix slices in a bowl with butter, once covered add 2 tblsp of Tonys and mix again,(seasons slices and butter keeps crisp while cookin,wont burn)
- Put half the slices on foil dish (keeps butter and juices that keep chicken tender) place chicken on the layer of slices and cover the chicken with remaining slices
-place in oven 425 for 12 mins
-while cookin ,cut avocado into 1/2" squares ,and sprinkle on Tonys
-place avocados in oven for last 3 mins, they will light brown and sweeten lighty
-remove all, chop chicken and dice onion/pepper slices..you dont need the butter/juice left in the foil dish .
-mix chicken,avocados,peppers/onions with basic salad

we used ranch dressing,that along with sweet grapes really complimented it good and brought out the flavors


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