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Took a ride to the e. banks on the Murphy's Law on saturday...the guys further offshore said the current was ripping and the pickings were slim...so Capt. Steve hit about 6 spots in 120-135'. All in all it was tough picking up a decent limit, some folks had 1-2 barely keeper fish. Saw no ling or mahi, not even a king....surprising since the water was pale blue and had flying fish around. The last fish I stuck was right as we were pulling off to head in (motors running & anchor up) when she came up a toothy predator (shark) made a swipe at it, so I just cut out the bad spot and tossed it then put the rest in a ziplock. Noticed when cleaning fish that all of them had completely empty stomachs, I like to look and see what they have been eating. Also found that beeliner and cut bait did not yield one strike which is very unusual....seemed that the fish were just turned off.


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