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Went to SPI last week with the family.
It was a great week vacation
I had 3 days of guided fishing and caught lots of Reds and some Trout.
I fished South Bay one day to try and catch a Snook but it was not the day.
Capt Ernest Cisneros caught 1 small Snook but did catch a few Reds and Trout, Jack fish, Skip Jacks. Ernest caught a 39" Snook a few weeks ago.
Wish that had been me. Maybe next time.
I fished 2 days with capt Todd Casey (the jalapeno video guy).
The Reds pictured are 30" to 36". That is my Dad Jim with me.
We caught some on Super Spook top water baits early (awesome)
then switched to plastics, Gulp or weedless spoons later in the morning/day.
Overall the fishing was tough and had to work for the Reds but caught several. Those brutes do take 15 to 20 minutes to come to the boat you know. After CPR we have to go find them again.
Regards James Doherty


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