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Spi 6/4/06

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"The sea was mad that day my friend..." As was true Memorial Day weekend, but not the case on Sunday...
My brother-in-law Alfred, his wife Mary Ann and their children Matthew and Jordyn were down from Missouri so we went out for some trout action. Sunday was the most beautiful day I've seen in a while and there wasn't a chop on the water as we launched out of Jim's Pier. We headed North towards the Duncan house and anchored up.
The game plan called for putting everyone on fish, so we tied on some live shrimp and it was on. After several missed fish, my wife Anissa struck first with a healthy 19" trout and my son Ryan couldn't get enough of. After that it was non-stop action as we landed several trout and other fish as my nephew Matthew landed his first Lower Laguna Madre spec and went on to catch several more. We boxed 11 solid trout (16"-19").
About half way into fishing, Mary Ann announced she had a fish on, so I told her to set the hook. Before I could finish my sentence the drag peeled out with a fish heading straight towards Mansfield as if he owed someone money; for a mintue I thought we were going to have to pull anchor. On the next peel of drag the fish surfaced at about 30 yards and I saw what seemed to be a Jack Crevalle. The fight was on my friends. The rod of choice was Alex3's red tamer with 12lb test tied with a 25lb leader; turns out I might just put a patent in with Texas Tackle Factory to call their rod a Jack Tamer.
Considering the light tackle, I wasn't sure just how long the fight would last. 20 minutes and atleast 6 circles around the boat; Mary Ann tag-teamed with my brother in law Alfred and he fought the Jack for another 10-15 minutes. The fish surfaced at the boat, and before I could land it, he took off towards SPI like the bad boy was late for a weigh-in; that boy had some shoulders. We finally landed the great Jack, measured, took some pics and revivied him to fight another day. He measured all of 34" and weighed approximately 40-45lbs (estimate as my scale stops at 20lbs). As it turns out, Mary Ann and Alred got the offshore experience at our little honey hole in the bay; what an experience it was.
Ended the trip with a dolphin watch and a couple of cold ones at Jim's Pier. It was a beautiful day out on the bay; we were truely blessed with the three "F's", Family, Fishing & Fun!

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