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Well, I'm sure by now that most of you know it was a tough day for many, myself included. In my phone conversation with Mickey Eastman prior to launching the boat, we joked that we should change the name to the Icetacular or any number of others that represent how insane it was to be on the water at 5am in that stuff.

Here's the results: Overall results, only 11 of the 31 team field weighed in fish!
11-Captain James Mayeux, Bill Pirsch, Andre Reyes-6.51
10-Leon Napoli, Willy Cauthen-6.7
9-Captain Ray Saucier, Captain Ralph Frazier-6.85
8-Cameron Plaag, Captain James Plaag-7.5
7-Darryle Rueter-9.14
6-Joe Townsend, Captain Ken Garza-9.44
5-Richard Allen, Captain Brent Juarez-12.71
4-Captain John Havens, Eric Renteria-14.29
3-Mark Holt-14.57
2-Captain Mike Larue, Captain Chris Jamail, Robert Chambers-15.1
1-Rob Ellis, Bryan White, Ryan Sweezy-15.22

Big Trout: If I remember correct there were 6 trout that exceeded the 5 pound mark!
3-Ellis, White, Sweezy-5.82
2-Havens, Renteria-5.85
1-Mark Holt-6.6

Overall, I would have to call the tournament and the results a resounding success. The weather was anything but cooperative, 30 degrees where we launched the boat with ice on the floor through the entire morning. Congratulations to all who caught fish!! Those are some outstanding strings on the heels of a freeze, with a bunch of fresh water in the bay system. The only team that told me they actually caught a lot of fish was Havens and Renteria, they said that they had around 40 trout in the last hour trying to cull through 4 pounders to get the best of the bunch. The remainder of the teams said that they had 3-6 bites all day. Most of the fish were caught on light colored soft plastics, Corky's, or Mirr-O-lures. For the most part the fish were in 4-8 foot of water, as reported by the top teams.

I have fished these tournaments off and on for ten years now, and have to say, this one was tough. I think that I can only say that I had 2 or 3 bites all day that were trout, and couldn't get them hooked. As always, I fished because even when I don't place well, I learn from the day. Had a great time and I'm ready for the next one, as long as it's not that cold! Burrrr..

The Spectacular Series Starts up again in january, on the 9th. Come out and join us for a great tournament and fun time! Spectacular would like to thank all of the great sponsors for helping to make this series a continuing part of the Galveston Fishing scene. Academy, Bauman Marine, Woodee, Reynolds Marine, Sand Dollar Galveston, Lazerrope, Coastal Backwater Marine, Soul Man, Easy Cash, and Espandre.
Larue's Guide Service, Boyd's One Stop
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