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SPECKLE-CATCHER Nautical Quiz #23 WINNER + runner-up

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This saying comes from this nautical fact:
On a ship a barrel was called a “butt”. There is a term that means to chop a hole in something. A water barrel had a hole cut into it so sailors could reach in and dip out drinking water. Just as in an office today thirsty sailors lined up to get their drink of water at the same time socializing. From this came a “saying that is still used today. What is it?


Congratulations speckle-catcher!

and your winnings are:
BRAGGING RITES as the winner
of more Natuical Quizes than anyone
else! You have been a winner 4 times,
winning quiz #6-#13-#18-#23.
That's a admirable record,
keep it up!

with correct answer, posted later.
Nautical Quiz #24 is next!
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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