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Spanish Mackerel on the pier today.

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Steven and I decided to hook up and give the pier a good try today. Miss Pam and I picked him up at his house yesterday afternoon and took him to our new Chinese buffet that just opened up about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I had no idea that kid could pack away the chow like that. Grandma and Grandpa were kinda wonderin' if he ever got anything to eat at home!?!

We had checked the condition predictions for today and we were both fairly excite about out prospects. We got home from eating and made up a few leaders and played a game of clue and then we decided to turn in early and get as much sleep as we could. I got up at 4 when the alarm went off and he was already up.

"What time'd you wake up?" He looked pitiful. Told me he'd been awake since 1:30. Mostly playin' with Frito and reading the Rudy Grigar book Plugger that I have on loan from Hooked-Up.

So we poked a couple of eggs and waffles down our necks and hit the road. This was not a typical day for us as we usually experience the pier. Oh yeah, we catch a few but today was different. Lots different. One thing is that I was so busy I scarcely had time to take any pics. These two I just had to make time to grab. I was lining up a shot of a spectacular sunrise when Steven sings out..."FISH ON!" He wasn't kiddin' neither. It was a nice Spanish mackerel about 20 inches long. By the time I got him netted and on the pier and Steven fishing again the moment was lost.

We spent the next 5 hours catching macs. We busted a LOT of tackle and I'm down to one rattlin' cork now. We both got cut of numerous time as the water was full of these toothy critters. We were fishing live shrimp on black plastic coated steel leaders under those orange/green rattlin' corks. But the macs were swimming aournd choppin' off everyones corks above the steel leader.

We both hooked too many fish to count. We kept a single limit of fish in the 20 inch range and put back a few short fish. But I spent a lot of time re-rigging and, especially there at the last, re inventing our fishing rigs. Out of corks, out of leaders. out of the small egg-sinkers. Out of hooks. I will need to make a run to Academy before I can front another trip like that one.

Saw a couple of guys throw spoons but I never saw one make it back up on the pier. It was an action packed morning. Saw a couple of nice ones caught that might have gone up to 28" or so. Basically every one that was fishing live shrimp under a cork of some kind was getting the action. But everyone was getting cut off....a LOT.

So it was a grand morning on the pier. Steven got to chalk up another species today as this was his first experience with Spanish mackerel. Oh, btw, we both got slammed by something that we never got a chance to see. We never had a chance. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP - POW!! And his BillyStiX is by now a seasoned veteran! ;)

1. One of Stevens macs
2, Here he was laughing at several people fishing around us that had been "chopped off". About 10 seconds after I took that pic HE got chopped off as well. He didn't think that was very funny though.


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What kind of reel does the little guy use? Any problems with it?
Your reports and photos are such a joy to read! You need to copy these so when Steven goes back to school, he can show everyone what he did during the summer. The greatest thing though is you two spending the time together and creating memories neither will ever forget.
WilliamH said:

What kind of reel does the little guy use? Any problems with it?
Well you might ask. It is a souped-up Zebco 33. They call it the "Platinum" I believe. Costs about 10 bux more but it has metal gears and pick-ups and is constructed of a little sturdier material. To tell you the truth I am seriously amazed that it is working out so well. I wanted him to get a Shimano baitcaster but he said he wanted this one.

He's been zipped a couple of time but I'm using a ABU 6000 and I get zipped the same as him.

He's brought some good size critters to the pier with that rig and for as long as it lasts, I guess he'll stay with it. Still, when that one gives up it's ghost I'm going to encourage him to come on board whith the baitcaster type.
LOL! he told me that he'd let me know when it was time!
As usual, awesome report :walkingsm!

You two make quite a dynamic fishing duo! Congratulations on the fine catch. Humm, I wonder what's for dinner tonight? LOL!
Another memory making day. Congrats to you both.

You've inspired him good, if he beat you up and was reading Plugger before you even rolled out of the sack. LOL
great work.... I love that fish.....
good to see young fishermen in the making....
Truly awesome Jack, hope you wore a hat...lol
Good day

Great job WJ
Oh, that's a wonderful report, Jack!

What pier is that? I need to take my 2 older grandsons down there (they'll be 9 and 12 this summer).

Send me a note when y'all are going to be out there, and if I'm able I'll bring one or both of these boys out to fish with your grandson.
Look at the confindence on that face in the first pic .....LOL...2 cool jack.
Hey W. J.
I can tell you from experience that your Grandson Steven will have the memoires of you guys fishing together forever. I remember fishing with both of my Grandfathers and that was 40 + years ago. They were two of the best friends I ever had and I will never forget those good times. Congratulations for making a deposit in the memory bank for Steven.

You did Good !

Dr. Krol
Great report. Yep, just let him decide when it's time to move up on the reel. My daughter has a zebco, not always her first choice, but if she plans to throw lurers very long, then it's always the one she grabs. Her second choice is the spin cast. I am amazed on the size of fish the zebco can bring in...tried and true reel. I wish I had my first zebco.
Again, Great stuff WJ!!
Great job Jack !. Gotta teach him all them pier tricks you know !!

Sure sorry i missed ya the other day.. Peace..
thats great keep'em fishing. i still remember fishing with my grandpa and my dad i miss them both and all the good times but i still got the memories as will your grandson
Some sweet Memories for you both...We treasure every min. spent with the grandkids.....

Keep on postin em..please.

See ya at the PINS...bring yer photos and we can do some Grandpa braggin!!!
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Congrats to both of you. Another great report and pictures of a day well spent. Love seeing pictures of kids fishing! A greenie for you sir.

single strand

WJ, Get a little pack of single strand wire.
Add a swivel and hook.

We used to just put pieces of drinkin straws about 3/4 of an inch long on there.It has to be added before you put on the hook. Or just little strips of cut bait. Works great. Very little tackle and inexpensive.

You rarely even loose them to strikes on the swivel if you go with very small black swivels.

Rig about 6-12" of wire and put that below a cork a few ft.
That little strip or straw looks like a little glass minnow.
Button shad works great too.
Darrell! Now you know I don't wear no hat! Hats is fer guys that's loosin' their hair, you know, keep them dozen or so hairs where they're s'posed to be. Once the hair is ALL gone there's no point in wearin' a dang hat.

They are hot, they might blow away and they just seem to always be in the way. Naw, I like to just stick my old head out in the sun and let it shine!

Come winter time I might wear a little somethin' to help hold the heat in but only when it's really cold or windy.

:p :D

Betty, that is the Galveston Fishing Pier. It is located on the WEST END of the Galveston Seawall, Just before it drops down on to SH3005 ( San Luis Pass Rd.)
My mom absolutely refuses to use anything but a big fat Zebco. She has caught way more fish than I probably ever will (we have limits now) with them!

I can't wait until my 20 month old is ready to sit still long enough to fish. He did well on the last boat ride, he just gets bored when we stop. Glad you guys had fun.
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