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Something Fishy in Kentucky Waters

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Something Fishy in Kentucky Waters


Sounds like these guys got caught with hands in the cookie jar........
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Serves em' right, the cheatin' bastaches!!!!
Dirtbags, Glad they got caught. I dont mind fishermen telling a lie or 2, heck, goes with the territory, but outright fraud, nail em to the cross
I hope they throw their arses in Jail for a couple of yrs.
The cops got there limit. Great catch cops...
Don't think Kentucky LEO believe in catch and release when it comes to cheating in a fishing tournament :)
That article reminds me of another story I read years ago. It went something like the following:

Two men were up in Alaska and illegally snagging salmon. One of the guys was video taping their experience. The tape jammed so off to the repair shop the camcorder went. After the repairman fixed the problem he played the tape to make sure it was also functioning properly. Next thing you know the game warden was called and the two men were given hefty fines. D'oh!
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