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We started out of Freeport amid numerous other boats leaving the jetties at 0630 hrs. At 0700 hrs turned around and all the other boats were turning back. At 25 miles the waves layed down a bit and we started trolling around trying to find some action. Hit a weed line at 32 miles and found a large railroad tie floating amid some thin weedline and saw some shadows beneath the wood. Trolled by and the port long rigger pops and line starts screamin.....all the family is too scared to pull the rod from the holder and they yell to me to come get this rod.
I get my wife to come drive the boat and grab the rod. Line is peeling from the reel and I try to tighten the drag a bit and manage to start gaining line. My wife notices the fish is going south so the turns the boat and I start gaining more line. We get the fish close enough for a quick photo in the water and notice there are two more dolphin following the one we had hooked up.
Putting the rod in a rod holder with the biggest dolphin of the season is not what I wanted to do, but put it in I did and attempted to attract the others by throwing a couple of different jigs at them. They did not want anything to do with any jig, so I re-rigged a spinning outfit with a short steel leader and a 5/0 hook and put on a cigar minnow. Pitching this out the Bull Dolphin turns and inhales the minnow and the fight is on less than three feet of the port side of the boat. The bull put on a heck of an arial show really close to the boat and was quickly brought to the gaff and then gaffed the one on the trolling outfit. Ended up catching 4 dolphin in the area largest 35 lbs and smallest 15, 2 kingfish, and about 7 chicken dolphin. Loaded the coolers and mopped up the deck and called it a day.


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