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once again lets go over the spiral concept!
#1 no rod twist<means that you always have control of the reel with out it wanting to roll over when fighting a large fish(the bigger the fish the more fish control you have)
#2 casting distance , it was reported this past week from another spiral (doubter) i can cast at least another 20 plus feet with the way the guides are set up. the smooth trasinction from the reel to the tip is how you get more distance, also i have learned to build the spiral by off setting the stripper guide a little to the left, allowing the line to almost never touch the stripper guide as the paul travels from left to right it always is sighted down the center of the stripper guide, thus allowing a smoother cast.
#3 far better sesitivity, line once again direct from the reel spoll to the intinded target (fish) tap-tap you are mine.
#4 the line never touches the rod blank??? does the line ever touch the blank when using a "spinner" no matter how hard the fish pulls or no matter how hard he tries to head to the bar to cut you off you are now in control??
#5 the spiral rod has the "spline" back bone of the rod correctly placed so as when the fish pulls down the rod goes down correctly, now if mr fish lets up a tad the rod returns to its correct position, thus giving mr fish the fight he deserves, while fighting mr fish using a spiral it is not to uncommon for the fisherman to enjoy an adult beverage

#6 you will find that the pressure points on a casting rod"billystixspiral" to be centered in the 3 to 4 guides that make up the spiral, now this is the true secret to the spiral sucess.
lets look at a 7 ft factory rod guide placement approx as little as 6 guides, most common 7 pay a bit more say $25.00 then you get 8 possible 9.guides?
7ft billystix spiral depending on the blank itself as many as 11 plus tip, does more guides mean better, i believe it does but you cant over guide a rod.

so this pretty much gives you a fair amt of info on the billystix spiral rod.
also in closing i just want to add that if you want to contact me in regards to a rod and you say(i dont want to hear a sales pitch and haaft to go thru the car salesman thing, you will never get that from me, because i do not sell billystix custom rods ,"i build billystix custom rods"

looking forward to talking with you

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