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Forgive me if this information has been previously posted, but I took it as pretty good news . . . which we all need right now.

Andarko returning some workers to Gulf platforms

Anadarko Petroleum has returned some personel to its Constitution, Marco Polo, Nancsen and Boomvang oil and gas platforms in the central and western Gulf of Mexico. The company is working to repair minor surface damage to railings, grating and wiring at those installations.
Anadarko said it aims to restore production as soon as possible as pipelines and other gas and crude transportation equipment permit.
-- Kristen Hays

Exxon Mobil's Hoover-Diana platform not damaged

Exxon Mobil said today that its Hoover-Diana oil and gas platform that was near Hurricane Ike's path in the western part of the Gulf of Mexico sustained no storm damage. The company said production would resume as soon as export pipelines are available.
Exxon also has finished preliminary post-storm assessments for other production facilities that were in the immediate path of the storm and found no severe damage. Some of these facilities sustained minor damage, but it won't hinder Exxon's ability to restore production in the near term, the company said today.
-- Kristen Hays

Shell restaffing offshore fields

Shell has now sent 550 of its 1,400 offshore workers back out to the Gulf of Mexico post-Hurricane Ike, and continued redeployments will restore staffing to needed working levels in two to three days, the company said.

In the western part of the Gulf. Shell is finishing damage assessments, starting repairs and preparing to restart production at assets closer to Ike's track. Drilling operations will start in several places in the next day or two.

The company said production ramp-up at each facility will vary, depending on repairs and downstream oil and gas infrastructure readiness. Shell expects production restart and ramp-up could commence at some locations over the next day or two and ramp up into next week also.

Regarding Shell facilities in the east and east-central part of the Gulf, which were further outside Ike's path, some production has restarted and is currently at 26,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. There is some production constraint because of pipeline constraints that will improve as those systems come back up to normal operations.

The storm didn't damage Shell's eastern Gulf assets, but the company still has repair work to do on some installations post-Gustav, including its Mars, Ursa and Cognac oil and gas platforms. That repair work wasn't finished before Shell evacuated the structures for Ike.

Shell also is using the post-storm downtime to finish some regular maintenance work at several of these facilities that was scheduled for late September before Gustav and Ike came along. Shell expects the bulk of the remaining production in the east area to start up late this weekend and into mid next week.

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good info Bill,

They will get production up on these rigs as soon as the onshore refineries are restarted and able to process the products from offshore.

great information cause my boat needs the fuel.
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