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I posted a thread a few weeks back asking about peoples experiences w/ E-cigs b/c I was starting to get a bit worried about my dad's health.

I found a few at the Mall kiosk's (around $160 for a set).
But then I found 'cleancigs'. Which is local here in Houston.
I ended up meeting with him and he has a local 2cooler as well!

He was very helpful and I ended up buying two full sets from him (which still ended up being cheaper than buying ONE at the Mall.)

My dad had been smoking about a pack and a half a day. I'm happy to say that has not smoked a real cigarette since last week, and nor does he miss it.

I suggest you call Mark if you want to slow down or are worried about a loved one or even have questions on how these things work.

My dad is pretty old school and I thought he would be the last person on Earth to give these things a try, but he did and he's doing very well.

I think he's working on a website for it:

but you can call him

Overall I'm very pleased, hope y'all had a great New Year!:dance:
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