2002 Blue Wave 22-classic with Yamaha 150HP 403HRS Excellent Condition

We're not going to be greedy on this boat we did our research and it's a fair price. This boat is one of those boats that was not extensively used but was always maintained and well-kept presenter as a 6 to 7-year-old boat. It's not a beat-up old boat it was very very well taken care of and is something to be proud of for another decade-plus.
This hull is in absolutely spectacular condition with no repairs and is in all original condition, it reminds me of an old barn find. There are no soft spots, stress cracks, no transom issues.
all hatches are as they should be
vinyl and cushions are all brand-new
never been run aground hard
we are excited to represent this boat
the gauges are in excellent condition Easily read with no baking of the screens
*Igloo marine 94 ice-chest
*Flip flop rear seat
*Two fishing chairs
*Lowrance GPS
*Motor guide great white trolling 82lbs
*Flats Jacker jack plate better than CMC
Yamaha Vmax is really one of the better motors Yamaha has built has no issue starts on a dime come run it with us or bring your mechanic needs a bailout nothing with 403 hrs on this tried and true classic, all fuel lines and bulbs were replaced as well as fuel.
Fantastic trailer, there are a few rusty lugnuts but the hubs have been replaced and it should not need hub work anytime soon. It's a great Texas trailer. This McClain aluminum trailer is as good as you can ask for.

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