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how many people come out on racedays, and how come we dont race every weekend? just curious
15 years of racing RC cars in the 4th largest city in the USA, headed up the worlds largest racing team dedicated to growing the hobby and this is what I have learned.

Nothing, Nada, Zero! :(

Didn't work and wont work! We just live in the wrong city! It's just that simple...

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There really is just about some type of racing going on in Houston every weekend. It's just not dominated by one particular type anymore like it used to be. Sometimes it's 1/8 nitro off-road, some times it's on-road at Mike's, and sometimes it's 1/18 off-road/on-road.

If you want an inexpensive way to have some very competitive fun between 1/8 nitro races, THRC18 has a race every pretty much every other weekend with 1/18 off-road.......it's ALMOST as much fun as the big cars! ;)
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