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Snapper Slappers

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Who makes the snapper slappers and where can I find them?
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Snapper Slappers are incredible!!!

I bought a ton of 'em when they first came out and have used them almost exclusively since for snapper fishing. I have had very few troubles w/ them, although the hair does tangle and has to be straightened, and have yet to have one of the stinger hooks fail. My favorite is the 5 oz all white w/ a large mullet hooked on, and for some reason the snaps like it best, and the mullet stay on best, if I hook them through the eyes w/ the main hook. I usually outfish anyone in the boat 2 to 1 in both number and size of snapper caught. And, I have caught a lot of Kingfish, Sharks and the largest snapper when I feel a hit, miss it, and then start to burn the slapper back to the boat ie.: it's fleeing, get it!!! The slappers really shine when I set up a chum line and then cast the slapper as far as I can throw it down the line, let it sink for a bit and then start a slow retrieve back. It does an incredible job nailing the suspending bigger snappers.
I used my last 5 oz. Saturday and am getting ready to go find some more today, it will be interesting to see the improvements McGolfer mentioned.
Sharkey :cop:
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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