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Snapper Slappers

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Who makes the snapper slappers and where can I find them?
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Good lures but pricey!

I've found them to be efficient in catching fish but in general have had the same luck with similar lures when the bite is on. For the money I would think the lure would not have to be modified. I've used other leadhead type jigs that cost 2-4 dollars and simply wired on a stinger and have had the same results. I think the snapper slapper is a decent lure and it is merely a matter of preference. Besides, Woody and Russell are nice people and it's good to support a local business.
Just my .02

BTW, if you like to build your own lures try www.do-itmolds.com
That can take your cost down to around a buck a lure and you can make them any size, shape, and color you want. My dad does this on his Lil Fishies for trout. He couldn't find the size leadhead he wanted for the small fishies so he modified one from Do It. They work perfect!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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