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Took the weekend off from tuna fishing since the Poco was going and didn't want to get in the way of those boats at the floaters. Decided to just make a short run with friends and have a relaxing weekend of fishing. Left GYB about 10:00 p.m. Friday night. Headed south to a couple spots with totally flat seas and great weather. Caught some really nice fish and seen some wild barracuda attacking each other, quite the aerial show that I had never seen before. Returned to the fuel dock yesterday about 7:00p.m. After cleaning fish and the boat then ended up setting in traffic for over 2 hours to get out of Galveston. Got to bed about 2:30. All in all a great trip with great people and another adventure. Tuna time this weekend! Still trying to figure out how to post pics.

76 red snapper to 28 lbs
3 grouper to 55 lbs
5 amber jack to 48 lbs
2 ling to 43 lbs
12 dolphin to 10 lbs
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