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I was invited to fish aboard the ChaChing 2 last Monday (July 5)
with Jeff Guerin (Captain), Ronnie & another guy (forgot his name, sorry)

Ronnie calls me at 11:00 am and invites me on a sure fire trip to a honey hole,
Initially I declined as I was in it up to my neck, but, after 20 minutes I decide to check out this sure thing and I gotta drive like a maniac to get to GYB.

We pulled out of the marina at 1:00 PM and it was on from the minute we arrived(2:30) until we left the spot at around 3:30 PM, unbelievable fishing, no undersized snapper, we were releasing everything that looked under 10 lbs and pulled off with 4 limits of snapper from around 10lbs to 16lbs.

Back at GYB by 4:45PM, boat cleaned, fish cleaned & bagged by 6:15PM
Home by 8:00PM

I have only experienced snapper like this one other time and it was with another good friend of mine (Capt Brice / Outcast) on opening day of snapper season this year.

Its nice to have good friends and even better when they take you to their honey holes.

PS: Kyle (My Son) dont tell your mother, she will never believe me next time when I gotta go assist a fellow boater that has broke down 40 miles offshore.
Also Im sorry I couldnt wait for you to join us, I owe you one.


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