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recipes that you asked for. I'll post them as soon as I can hunt-'n-peck them into the machine.

We got home last weekend, and (all excuses aside) I just have not gotten the job done.

T-Dux, I received positive assurances that that Spearfish did not go to waste!

The folks at the Marina Seafood fish market in Kona said that they cannot keep spearfish in stock, as it sells so fast. I met former Boxing Commisioner Glynn Ross at the fish market, and one of the recipe's is his.

Just for grins, I priced seafood versus beef at the grocery stores (Safeway and KTA)..... T-bones sell for around $10.89 per pound while fresh Marlin sells for $4.84 per pound , Mahi goes for about $11.89, and octopus about $2.25 per pound!

It's only been a week, and I already need a saltwater fix (sigh, whine, moan)!
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