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Smokehouse Build

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I've been working on my new smokehouse for the last couple of months. Will have it done by Christmas. Its approximately 4x4x7. Wrapped with 6in tough and groove cedar. I will post end results when finished

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I have no idea how I missed this. Man that's awesome. What are you doing for a firebox?

Are you building the firebox yourself? Are you making the whole thing out of steel or just the door? Im still trying to figure out a good solution for mine. Im looking at this kit on a firebrick firebox. http://www.vogelzang.com/browse.cfm/standard-barrel-kit/4,4.html
Nice! I hope to get some work in on mine this week

WR I plan on firing it up between Christmas and New Years. If anyone has a good recipe for summer sausage with cheese and jalepeno I would appreciate it. Also looking for a good recipe for meat sticks.
I got most of the inside of the house done. Still have a few things to wrap it up. Smoke stack, metal roof, and a some trim.
Wish I could help with the summer sausage recipe, I looked and was surprised I couldn't find one, you would think jap/cheese would be an obvious one.

On the meat stick I can help! There's a polish meat stick called kabanos, or kabanosy. It's probably the best think I've put in my mouth. I'll pull the recipe up for you shortly.

Here's mine from a couple years ago
Food Ingredient Cuisine Dish Staple food

EDIT: here's the recipe for kabanos. They're 100x better after you follow step 7. http://www.wedlinydomowe.com/sausage-recipes/kabanosy

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1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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