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Hello, I have been lurking around here for about a month now, and the people here seem to be good, so I will ask for a little help. I have about 85 acres I want to lease for bird hunting. The land is between Alvin and Angleton. It has a small pond, and holds birds well. I have owned the land for about 6 years now; through that time, the dove hunting has been excellent. I built the pond 2 years ago and the duck hunting is ok. Thousands of acres of inland water surround my property so the ducks are there, but they have many places to sit, and I am not the best at bringing them to me. I have my property boundary planted in sunflowers, and about 8 acres around the pond planted in millet. I do not have a steadfast price in mind, so it will very depending on some factors.I am a Texas Game Warden; all state and federal laws must be strictly followed.

Contact me here or at [email protected]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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