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Small Appliance Dealers - Microwave Question

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Anyone of the board deal with small/kitchen appliances? I have a GE Spacesaver microwave mounted above my stove. This mornin we got up, went in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, and the dadgum glass door on the microwave was compleletly shattered! Just the outer glass, not the inner one, was broken into 5 bazillion pieces but still in the frame on the microwave. As I was cleaning up the glass I noticed that this section of glass was only held in place by a snap-in plastic outer molding and was not really sealed. Does this piece of glass provide any particular safety measure for the oven, or can it still be used with just the inner sealed glass and the little black mesh lookin screen that covers the inner door in place?
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Id call sears, the repair specialists could tell you over the phone.
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