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I couldn't take looking at the calm surf on the surf cams for another second on Tuesday, so I said heck with it around 9am and took off the rest of the day from work. It felt great to be FINALLY able to fish that nice looking water. I launched my kayak about 200 yards east of the water tower around 3pm and stayed out there till 6pm (I had to leave, b/c all of my plastics had been destroyed by fish and all I had left was an empty jig head).

Paddled out to the 3rd sandbar and was casting back to the gut between the 2nd and 3rd bar. Water was very clear, with a chop starting to build with the wind and looked blue and I could see tons of fish swimming around. As I was paddling out I actually had a keeper trout swim right up to my kayak and nearly hit it...after that, I knew I was in the right place to find'em!!! I had non-stop action between 3pm - 5:30pm, but then things slowed a bit. I caught my limit of trout (plus another 60 or so with about 33% keepers...went through a whole bag of queen cocahoes AND norton sand eel jrs AND 4 tandem trout rigs because they kept tearing them up). Trout were from 16" - 23". I also caught a 24" ladyfish, tons of a silver tuna looking fish that I have no idea what they are...about 12" - 15" long or so...any ideas???, and some spanish macks.

I had about 10 menhaden (I think...they were about 6" - 8" long with a yellow tail???) actually jump into my kayak!!! They were being chased by something pretty large all around me. The first one I tried to get out by hand, but the booger finned me in 4 places on my hand, which bled all over the place. After that, I got wise and used the net. Bigger fish were pounding stuff all around me and I wish I could have seen what was hammering on those 18" - 20" mullet all around me...I was guessing either sharks or very large jacks or something...whatever it was left a splash about 3' - 4' across.

Also had a neat experience to watch a large pod of dolphins (20 - 30) work together to hunt for fish. This all happened about 20' from my kayak...I was nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous to get bumped or have one get tangled in my anchor line and dump ship in the surf and excited to see something like that in person for the first time.

All in all, a fun time on the water with plenty of action.

After that, I made a run to Seven Seas grocery in Jamaica Beach and bought up a ton of their tandem trout rigs to replenish my stock. I went back to the surf, closer to SLP this time, and launched again, but I didn't get any more action. I probably should have headed back to the water tower, but hindsight is 20-20. I wish now that I had read the thread about the fact that there is no 3rd sandbar closer to the pass on a low tide, b/c what you think is the 2nd sandbar is actually the 3rd at that time...confused the heck out of me while trying to find it! =)

Later that night, I got the generator and lights out behind the beach house neighborhood and had some relaxing fishing and beer drinking till 3:30am and caught a ton of fish, but only 7 more keepers. Most caught on the TTK Glo Shad tandem rigs...had several double hookups, which are fun on light tackle.
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