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On Tuesday me and the parents went down to the SLP surf area to camp. We didnt do any fishing that night but we did go crabbing, and we saw 2 of them mating, so we let be in peace :shock: anyway we saw stringrays, seahorses, interesting minnows, tons of crabs, and who knows what else? well we hit the sack with the crabs in the icechest. Woke up alittle before sunrise and bought some live skrimpies. Put them under a popping cork and went at it. First cast hooked a span. maccy and on the way in he got torn up by a lovely shark :p so I threw the fish on the sand because i didnt want a bleeding fish next to me with sharks. SOOOOO from there on we landed big lady fish, 3 keeper trout, one dink, and more lady fish. Some people dont like lady fish, but man they put on a nice show. I missed a few trout, and for awhile I had a fish every cast! man that was fun. Later on today we tried fingermullet on the bottom to no avail. And then we rode our kayaks in the surf for alittle fun.
Another great fishing trip. We have been on a role in the fishing category everytime we go out! so i hope it stays that way.
wish i had some pics, but i cleaned all the fish before i remembered :roll:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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