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Whew, what a weekend.

It all started when I decided to take Friday off and go fishing.

Headed out Thursday morning and was at Brian when the sun came up to weed all over the beach and in all the guts.

Tried to score some bait but even the bait rods got weeded out.

Packed up in disgust and decided to go to HI. Headed that way but SLP looked to good to pass up so I set up on a nice stretch.

Ankle breakers and no tide at all, clear as a bell too, real pretty water.

Casted out baits and sat around in the sun while all you poor slobs were slaving away, LOL!!!!!!!!!

Only managed a few whitening and one hardhead.

The coolest thing happened, I was wading out a bait and saw a small shark in the wade gut, it was curious and came right at me, it turned but stayed in sight for a few yards, so I casted in front of it and it took off like a rocket and hit the bait!!!!!!!!!!!! Fish on, after picking up my jaw I reeled in a 3' black tip. LOL!!!!!

Packed up and headed home through Galveston and scored a couple of prime shark baits for Gorda that night.

Went home and got a few winks and my bud woke me up around midnight ready to go!!!!!!!!

We headed out and couldn't find a shrimp on the way to Gorda!!!!

Hit the beach to a big moon and tons of new weed. It's my second trip and we got lost a couple of times, LOL!!!!!

The new truck worked like a champ and I proved I could fit all my gear and still have room for 2 passengers. It just chewed up that beach and I hit every deep spot I could.

We camped around the 9 mile range and found a big pile of wood, built a fire and had a few beers.

The weed was horrible and I couldn't fish in it.

The bugs bit bad around 5am and we broke camp and proceeded to go as far as we could down the beach.

What a mess this place is, it needs a good storm to clean it up. The current was strong and a good waist to head high breaks, the water was churned up and absolutely full of weed, new and old.

I never saw a fish caught or heard of any action.

We hit Mitchell's cut and I tried to fish the pass and got weeded in a matter of minutes.

It was a nice trip, I have never been that far down and it was cool to be able to go were ever I wanted to.

Not a single fish from Gorda, we found clean water at the entrance close to the jetty and caste out a few baits to no avail.

I have some pics but the battery is dead, ill post em up after lunch.

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