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Skeeter Bay Boats

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Just wondering what you folks think about Skeeter Bay Boats. I ran across the new Skeeter 2000 Bay (new 20 footer for 2005) at the Summer Boat Show here in Houston. Skeeter seems to have done a really good job on build quality and features for a very competitively priced package. However, lots of boats look great on the showroom floor. The trick is finding one that looks great after 4 or more years of use as well as provides a safe, smooth ride.

I spend most of time on Sam Rayburn (freshwater), and have always relied on friends (or guides) to take me to the bays to chase trout and reds. I currently have a 10 year old Champion 201 (bass boat) that my family is quickly outgrowing- as kiddo number 3 is due in January. My Champ is absolutely the smoothest and safest bass boat I had ever stepped foot on. At times the water can get pretty rough on Rayburn, but I have never felt unsafe. Anytime I rode in Skeeter, albeit a bass boat and not a bay boat, I was not that impressed with the ride- very wet and very bumpy on choppy days.

For me, the 20 foot center console seems to fit the bill- more interior room for the family, not too big to handle and manuver bass fishing, not too small for running open bays, easy to trailer, and the right price. And Skeeter seems to have incorporated most of what I think I need in their very attractive package.

Any of you folks have any thoughts? How well do they hold up? How is their ride?
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Shrimpzilla said:
I've fished on a 20' Champion tunnel-hull bay boat and was impressed with the ride & quality. If you like Champions, why not stick with them? I haven't seen a "new" Skeeter bay boat, but I am not impressed at all with the older style ones.

BTW, my brother's looking at bass boats, and would like to have a Champion. Post yours on the classifieds if you decide to sell it.

Yeah, good point. I just have not gotten around to checking Champion out yet- but I had the same thought, "why change?" I went to their website and they show a 21 Bay Champ which might do the job. The only tunnel they offer now is in a 22 footer.
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