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The following subjects are NOT allowed here:

1. Questions about banned users and or deleted posts or threads
2. Politics (except in The Jungle)
3. Immigration (except in The Jungle)
4. For sale items (that belongs on the classifieds)
5. ttt, or bumped threads (to the top)
6. BBB BS (aka gripes about a business)
7. Junior game wardens (see #8)
8. Complaints about keeping legal catches
9. Team sports (needs to be in the Sports Forum)
10. Trolls (hijacked handles, he said-she said-they said, stupid avatars, stupid signatures, stupid user titles)
11. Adult material, links containing adult material
12. Gambling or casino related posts
13. Pit bulls (except in The Jungle)
14. Questions or comments about locked or deleted posts.
15. Copyrighted material or pictures (If you didn't take the picture, don't post it)
16. Cross posting for sale items on the forums.
17. No guide bashing.
18. Advertising by non sponsors in avatars, user titles, and posts. You
may advertise for free on the classifieds. Anywhere else is limited to
Site Sponsors
19. "Greenie" posts or trolls. Use the search feature.
20. "Snake" threads (threads about snakes or with pictures of snakes and in particular, dead snakes) in any shape, form or fashion, except in The Jungle or in the hunting section(s). (updated 4/3/13)
21. Sponsor bashing. We rely on sponsors to keep the site on line.
22. SPAM We all know what it is and we don't need any more of it. You won't be warned about it either. One strike and you are off to banned camp.
23. Former Site Sponsors are not allowed to advertise commercially in any of the forums or on the classifieds (added 3/12/11)
24. General stupidity. Stupid is hard to fix and we can't fix it either, but we can delete it, ban it or time delay it. Multiple offenders will be banned completely or have their posting privileges time restricted or moderated. (added 3/12/11 & updated 6/14/11) If you post publicly with complaints about this, expect for whatever measures have been taken to be enhanced, up to and including blocking the site completely from you, including viewing.
25. The Fishing Reports section is for fishing reports only. (added 4/25/11)
26. Racism or racist remarks. Don't be a racist. This isn't the place for that. (added 6/15/11)
27. Putting "in" or "in before the lock" or anything similarly stupid in a thread will result in an infraction. (added 11/1/11)
28. If you hijack a thread by putting a non allowed subject in it to intentionally try and get it deleted, you will be banned for 7 days. (added 11/1/11)
29. Publicly complaining about advertisers-PM 2CoolAdmin with those concerns.
30. Complaints about cutting off your drift, pot lickers, burn boats, boats running between you and the shore and all the other things that have been posted about a thousand times before because of bad manners on the water. You only have to drive a couple of minutes on any road to see the same behavior. We all know there are idiots on the water. Ignore them and hope they don't reproduce.
31. Creative spelling to try and beat the word censor.
32. You may NOT register a company, business, supplier, guide, outfitter or commercial username unless you are a Site Sponsor. All such registrations will be deleted.
33. Comments, complaints or other remarks about ads on the classifieds. That section is a no response section for a reason and any comments can be given using the reputation system. Posting them publicly will result in an infraction.
34. Inappropriate avatars are not allowed. The site wide g-rating and good taste both apply.
35. Rants, complaints, or anything else about the way tournaments are run. Take it up with them personally, not on the forums. We didn't take your money, so don't come crying to us about losing it, how it was run, who cheated, who won, who lost, who didn't get paid nor anything else about them. It's your problem, you deal with it. It's not welcome here and you will be banned if you decide to break this rule.
36. Classified ads without prices subject to deletion.
37. Croaker soaking drama and drama queens.
38. No ticket sales are allowed here. There are too many ways to get scammed.
39. Don't pay for PayPal items using the send money to friends and family feature. It's a scam.
40. Buyer beware. Use care in your transactions.
41. Complaints about the classifieds, users there, or things bought and sold there.
42. Making bogus thread reports. This includes asking the mods to remove sold items and complaining about commercial ads in the classifieds.
43. Religious political issues need to be discussed in the Jungle, not on TTMB. Prayer requests are welcomed on any forum here.
44. Site Sponsors are only allowed to advertise their own goods and services. Piggy backing other businesses in posts is considered spam.
45. Personal fund raisers are no longer permitted due to the proliferation of scams, except on the Fundraisers For Friends board. https://www.2coolfishing.com/ttmbforum/forumdisplay.php?f=194 Personal fundraisers are defined as benefiting one person vs a group. It's a shame we have to have this rule to begin with, but that's what it's come to. We suggest using other forms of social media with a more controlled audience for these things, such as FaceBook.
46. "Tag" lines, "signatures" or any other repeating text that appears in every one of your posts. No one wants to read the same line over and over after your post.
47. If you put the word sold anywhere in your thread then the system will delete it.

The time to ask to "bend" any of these rules is before doing that, not after.

Your post content is your responsibility. That means if you post something illegal, unethical, copyrighted, protected or otherwise objectionable, we will cooperate fully Law Enforcement and the Courts. That includes revealing your IP to them, along with your email and any other information they request from us. In short, expect to be thrown under the bus if you do something patently stupid in order for them to be able to track you down. You agree to hold 2coolfishing.com and it's owners, agents, and representatives harmless for the privilege of making a post on this site.

Site Sponsors need to have the appropriate markup applied to their username prior to advertising. Please contact sales to arrange this prior to posting ads in the forums. We work hard to protect our sponsor's interests and it's the only way we have to identify you.

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I am having a problem passing out green. everytime I try no matter who it is I get a message that I need to spread the green around before I give to the person again. Is this something in my settings or a problem with the site?

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Hey Mont...I've tried to list a signature, several times. Can't, for some reason. What's the proper procedure, for attaching a signature, to your avatar. or sign-in profile name? Thanks!

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Signatures are only allowed for Site Sponsors for advertising contact information.

Signatures in general are redundant by nature and clutter up a thread with the same stuff over and over and over. They really don't provide any new information nor add to the conversation. Just think if every time you said something out loud, it was followed by a "signature". It would sound pretty silly. If you really want to see how out of control they can get, go to most RV forums where users will list every piece of equipment they have down to the trailer hitch ball brand.

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Mont - I have a question - so if a sponsor post what is an advertisement for a product in a regular forum post, is a another forum member allowed to respond to that products value or question the effectiveness of the claims being made about that product without getting banned? Or since the sponsors pays for their advertisement they cannot be challenged or questioned about their product? I am just curious as to where the line is drawn with 2cool sponsors? Thank you

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Mont. Serious question. I really am trying to cuss less in my personal life and of course here. Baby steps the last few months but making progress but are abbreviations acceptable if they are not totally obvious and not close to being completely spelled out?
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