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...it'll give mean time to begin designing what I believe will be the next generation breakthrough in nighttime flounder gigging boats while the TX. lottery builds back up to a respectable amount.

Here is what I'm thinking:

The boat will have the basic hull (large gauge aluminum) of around 20 ft. Sufficient state-of-the-art lighting all around both inside and out will be powered by a four cylinder Lycoming aircraft engine weld mounted over dual 50 h.p. outboard engines. The aircraft engine's sound will be muffled down to the max providing a comfortable night of gigging without causing damage to hearing.

The aircraft engine, while providing power to the lights via generator, will also turn a shielded Kevlar propeller with auto-adjustable pitch control that will provide push power to the boat as I search for flounder.

Meanwhile, at the center console of the boat, steering control to the flaps will be done using a small steering wheel (about 8 inches in diameter) and a power steering unit for ease of steering. In addition to the steering wheel control, on the console, will be a tele-screen about the size of a standard desktop computer. There will also be an underwater widescreen camera mounted in front of the hull submerged into the water sufficient to see the bottom clearly in with adjustable focus for varying depth in order to see Mr. Flounder as the boat slowly glides over an area.

There is now the task of gigging. The gigging of the flounder will be done using hydro-mechanical robotics much the same way a backhoe operates. (Not the shovel end, but the other end - however the shovel end gives me another idea;) !).

On the business end of the swing-arm of the device will be affixed one 2 prong metalic gig per device. There will be two of these mounted on the forecastle (front) of the boat both port and starboard.

There is now the matter of gigging the flounder. Back at the console, (along with the streering and the tele-screen) will be a "joy stick" with a button on the end. The joy stick will provide movement of each swing-arm left and right as well as forward and back. All will be adjusted to a set movement not to exceed a couple of feet either way so as to not hit the boat or exceed a good shot when I press the button. Oh yea, pressing the botton on the joy stick will cause the downward thrusted motion of the swing-arm plunging the gig into the flounder as his last hoorah. NOTE: There will be dual crosshairs on the tele-screen calibrated (sighted-in) to the exact spot where each gig will go into the mud/sand regardless of which direction the joy-stick is moved.

Upon having gigged the flounder, the controls will be placed in the "heavo-into-the-boato" mode and will automatically remove the flounder from the water turning back into the boat shaking the flounder into an ice-chest placed at a pre-designated location on the deck inside the boat ready for the next "shot." Sounds fun to me!! Now if I just knew someone to do the drawings! :texasflag

I wonder where Doc Davis got this stuff....it tastes terrible! LOL!

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