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simply amazing

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I was supposed to have spent a long weekend in Ft. Pierce the weekend it got hit by the big storm. The condo I normally rent is in the rear building in the picture. Needless to say, it will be a long time before it's ready to rent again. I put the deposit on my card, to the tune of $96 and some change. When it appeared certain that the storm was going to slam them, I went ahead and cancelled out. Having rented there on numerous occasions, I planned to just catch up with them on the next rental about the deposit. I know power just came back up there a couple days ago. Today, I find a credit on my card, without ever making a phone call or sending a letter.
I was amazed at the honesty of this man, and he will be seeing me again when things turn around for them.

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Sounds like a respectable establishment. Maybe I'll stay there on my next Florida trip. What area of Florida is it in Tyler?
Bill, it's right on the inlet at Ft. Pierce. www.docksideinn.com is Clive's website. That's his sailboat in front of 405 (my normal rental). He keeps the one next to it for himself.
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