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WOW- Fishing has been hot on Fayette County during these cool days. Really, putting smiles on faces type fishing. Fish 2-5# with most of them pushing 4#. Finding them at different depths all on SureShot punch bait.

Weldon Kirk

Fished Thursday with Billy Bridges and wife Charlotte from Angleton. Charlotte of course caught the most and the biggest and now claims to be a catfisherwoman for sure. 38 really nice fish, 3 1/2 gallons of fillets.

Fished Friday with Bob and his grandson Mark, from Rosenberg. Mark was out of school due to the hurricane Ike. Mark even let his granddad catch a few fish this trip, not like their last trip when Mark caught almost all of them.
50 fish by 12:30, all nice fish. 3 1/2 gallons of fillets. Way to go Bob.

Billy and Chartlotte had so much fun on Thursday that they wanted to share the fun with their children, so on Sunday I had Jeramy, David, and Stacey out for a chance to outdo mom and dad. And they did. Stacey had a fish on before anyone else could get baited, and so the day went. As you can see in the photo, really nice fish. Once they thought they had caught a throw back,
it measured 16 inches, one of those kind of days that puts smiles on your face. 5 full gallons of fillets. Way to go "kids"
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