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I'm getting out of the offshore game so I'm selling some of my tackle. First up is a Shimano TLD 30-2 two-speed reel spooled with 700 yds of 80 lb Line One Spectra. Also included is a Quickie harness quick release from Area Rule Engineering.

If you're a west coast angler or have fished the west coast long range trips you're very familiar with Line One spectra - arguably the best & softest gel spun braided hollow spectra made. Being hollow allows for splicing of leaders, mono and add'l braided line if needed.
The Quickie is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum and allows for an instant release of your rod/reel from your stand up harness when you need to be able to maneuver around something while fighting a big fish.

The reel has only been used a couple of seasons & professionally maintained & the Spectra only has one season on it.

New the reel goes for $310, the 700 yds of Spectra was $275 & the Quickie $49 so all told the pkg new would be: $633

I'm selling it all for $450 shipped FREE to you

let me know if you have any questions
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