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Shell is hiring most crafts at the journeyman level. I'm posting the memo for anyone interested in submitting a resume. Good luck!

The Deer Park Manufacturing Complex is beginning a process to hire for Journeyman Control Systems Technicians, Journeyman Electricians, Journeyman Millwright/Machinists and Journeymen Heavy Equipment Operators at its Deer Park Manufacturing Complex.
Minimum requirements include:
High School Diploma or GED equivalent, and
Able and willing to work overtime including nights, weekends and holidays and
Able and willing to work in adverse conditions (high heat, high noise, lifting 50 pounds, climbing stairs and ladders, etc), and
Working in a multi-skilled, achievement-oriented, team-based environment, and
Willingness to learn
Minimum experience required:
Minimum of 2.5 years at the journeyman level in petro-chemical work environment in one of the following crafts:
Analyzer Technicians
Instrument Technicians
Heavy Equipment Operator / Riggers
Preferred experience:
Analyzer Technicians
o 5+ years in maintaining and troubleshooting process analyzers. Experience with gas chromatography (Applied Automation Advance & Maxum), photometers (Hartmann & Braun and Ametek), and CEMS systems.
Instrument Technicians
o 5+ years of experience in working with Pneumatic / Elec. instruments (Honeywell, Rosemount & Taylor) and Control & S/D Systems (Honeywell/Triconex). Trouble shooting and maintenance of on-line equipment required.
o 5+ years of experience in the troubleshooting and repair of low and medium voltage motor control circuits, motors, switchgear, transformers and UPS systems
o 5+ years of experience in working with Pumps, Blowers, Compressors, Turbines, and Fans
· Heavy Equipment Operator / Riggers
o NCCCO Certification. 5+ years of maintenance experience performing rigging tasks of pumps, motors, RV's, exchangers, flagging cranes, understanding sling charts and other tasks associated with rigging. Basic knowledge of crane operations and the use of chain falls and come-a-long work. Prefer work experience operating forklifts, flat bed trucks and other automotive equipment (mobile cranes).
Please specify on your resume if you have any of the above-preferred experiences.
Candidates will be required to successfully complete extensive testing, interviews, a physical evaluation, a drug/alcohol screen, background/ reference screen and training.
Qualified applicants should send a resume to Certified Customized Staffing:
By Mail or drop-off: Certified Customized Staffing
16951 Feather Craft
Houston, TX 77058
By Fax: (281) 280-0864
By Email: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> (only resumes in MS Word format will be accepted)
Must specify: Attn: Shell Oil Company - "A" for Analyzer applicants OR
Attn: Shell Oil Company - "I" for Instrumentation applicants OR
Attn: Shell Oil Company - "E" for Electrician applicants OR
Attn: Shell Oil Company - "M" for Millwright/Machinist applicants OR
Attn: Shell Oil Company - "H" for HEO/Rigger applicants

All resumes must be received from 7/22/07 - 7/30/07, between the hours of 8:00 - 5:00 p.m. (Only Fax, Walk-in, or e-mail sent to [email protected] in MS Word format will be accepted.)
Applicants who applied previously with Shell Deer Park Refining or Shell Deer Park Chemical Plant and are interested in current positions MUST RE-APPLY for these positions by sending their resume to Certified Customized Staffing.
Shell Deer Park employees are being given advance notification of the Craft openings on July 18, 2006. However, applications will not be accepted until July 22, 2006.
Applicants will be required to complete pre-employment tests and upon receipt of resume, Certified Customized Staffing will send notification of the applicant's testing date via a postcard.
Selection For Interview
Interview candidates will be selected from the pool of individuals who successfuly complete the test; notification will occur in August by Certified Customized Staffing.
The interviews will occur in August. NOTE: Candidate interview time slot cannot be altered.
Final Selection
Applicants selected for employment will be notified by a Shell HR Representative, contingent upon successfully completing Shell's pre-placement physical and background check.
Expected Start Date
Orientation will begin on October 22, 2007.

Shell is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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