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Some pics from the game cams the last couple weeks, skipped going to Man Camp this weekend, been out of town on bidness for a week, and pretty busy before that and coming up for a few. Thought I would/should spend some time with the Princesses I and II before the holiday hunting season resumes.

Spent last weekend out there with friends from work and their kids. Three of the little guys got their first animals - two WT culls and one white fallow cull. I didn't have a camera with me, but their dads got pictures and when they send them I will post em. The best picture was of a 5 yr old shooting my AR15, long barrel, bipod, PRS stock. He could barely reach the trigger, but that lil rascal could sure pull it! Big smiles all around on that, not sure whether we ought to post it or not, CPS may not like it!

We did have a 9 yr old shot a WT 4 pt, with his new 22-250. Heard the CRACK, knew who shot, asked his dad on the radio how it went - he put the boy on - " one shot one kill Mr Mikee", I Love It!!

Think these sheepies might be shooters in a couple weeks. Waiting for the acorns to give out before we start whacking things seriously.....

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